Not your average cat on a chair

Posted on Thu, 24 Jul 2008 by KiM

Thanks to Jess for sending us photos of her Sphynx cat. This is not your average looking cat, but OMG what I would do to have 6 hairless cats instead of 6 furry ones!!! I’m not sure what I’m more jealous of, the cat or the Louis Ghost chair.

karina says:

You have posted together two of the thinks I dislike more.
I hate that kind of chair and the cat scares me, but I like the post I think it is very funny!

Peggy says:

Ha! Kim you cracked me up! Six hairless cats, ha, ha. Is it still six cats, not five? (oh my, bless your heart)

I thought this was a Chihuahua at first! I think he’s so ugly he’s cute. And love, love, love the ghost chair.

kim. says:

Yep, at the moment it’s still 6. I’m trying to get Felix to stop peeing in my house so he can be adopted.

My mom is laughing her ass right now that you actually posted miu miu!!

Thanks for making our day Kim!!! haha

I need to shave my dog. Love your cat Jess.

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