Sam’s dilemma

Posted on Thu, 14 Aug 2008 by KiM

Sam emailed us with the following predicament: “I have a dilemma. I just got new curtains for my bedroom whose pattern consists of gold and navy blue. I therefore want to change the design of my room to match (right now I have a green bed frame, white table, lavender carpet… big mess). However, seeing as my bedroom is in the basement and therefore has small dingy windows with limited natural light, I don’t want to fill the room up with dark colours to match the curtains. So I was wondering if you would succeed where I have failed in finding inspiring images of bright rooms with touches of gold and navy. It is not a current or popular colour combination, but a pretty one nonetheless, if you ask me. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!” It was a little tough Sam, but here are some photos for you that have some navy and a little bit of gold/yellow (ok, most do), to inspire your bedroom redo.

Chicago Home + Garden Metropolitan Home
Sköna hem Raji Rm & Associates
Greg Natale Antoine Bootz
Cigolle X Coleman Gregga Jordan Smieszny
Todd Oldham Domino
Homes & Gardens Metropolitan Home
Nina Assam Domino

I’m so into blue at the moment. With yellow, with green. Particularly if it’s navy. Great pics Kim.

Sam says:

Oh wow!! Thank you SO MUCH Kim, these pics are so inspiring!! I know just what I want to do with my room now, the right balance of blues and yellows/golds. You are too fabulous for words my dear, it is SO nice and thoughtful of you to take the time to help out a reader with limited creativity 😉
Many thanks again for taking the time to help me out!

kim. says:

You’re welcome Sam. Glad I could help. Do send us a photo when your room is done. We’d love to see it.

drey says:

kim! thanks so much for this blogpost. this is great!! reason: the bedroom by Antoine Bootz is exactly the shade of MY NEW BEDROOM! (will blog about it soon)… makes me feel better about having a "boy's room blue" (husband) 🙂

*wave* to Kim & Jo (and other readers)

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