Kristin Perers

Posted on Mon, 18 Aug 2008 by midcenturyjo

When you know that London based photographerKristin Perers studied fashion and art, these beautiful and very intimate photos make more sense. She has an artist’s eye and a designer’s sense of styling. What I love the most about her work though is that it is real and unpretentious.

Beatrice says:

Long time reader, first time posting! These images are so inspiring and really make me appreciate my old Victorian home. I love the colour palette and hand worn objects. Beautiful photography.

kim. says:

Thanks for dropping us a comment Beatrice and for being a long time reader.

That second photo is awesome. I’ve always loved really casual window coverings, especially fabric simply tacked up.

i am absolutely in awe of the beauty of the “raw” wall vs the clean porcelain in the last image. a true relief of element’s. gorgeous!

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