Nonya Grenader

Posted on Thu, 9 Oct 2008 by KiM

After devouring the portfolio of architect Nonya Grenader,, I am inspired to grab a crowbar, tear down my house and rebuild it. Let me show you what I’m talking about. This first house is 500 sq. ft. It was refitted with a new core of bath, kitchen, and mechanical elements. The scruffy patchwork ceiling and floors give the place so much character. Most people would have repainted. I LOOOOOVE IT!!!

The next one is the Extra Small House designed for one or two people. It is 500 sq. ft and had a budget of $25,000. Storage and services were placed along the west wall so that the living space could remain uncluttered. Great use of raw materials.

More of Nonya’s work because I just can’t get enough….

Paul says:

Love the design.The lighting is awesome

Lucky says:

i love these!

These houses blow my mind! I cannot believe they are only 500 sq ft. That is truly impressive, and shows you don’t need a humongous house for gorgeous design. Love it!

I *LOVE* these! We’re thinking of getting rid of our 3 bd and moving into a 300 sq foot shack, so these are perfect for inspiration. I sent this post to my husband.

Heidi says:

I read your blog everyday and I should comment more on the incredible job you’re doing! These places are AMAZING and I felt exactly the same way… where is the sledge hammer?! Incredible! Thanks for sharing!

Sweet! I love these spaces! I can’t believe how much potential such a tiny place can have.

Okay, that’s it. I’m buying a 500 sq ft house! If I were to go that route we’d actually be able to afford one right now!


AMR says:

O.K. Another person (me) in love these. I live VERY happily in a 430 square foot place…so, wow, these are HUGE!
Noted: Shiny floors really do bounce light around and make a space look so much grander!

Anonymous says:

These two small houses were associated with Rice Architecture Students in the Rice Building Workshop program. Check out Nonya’s website to read more about them. Also check out

nadia says:

this is fantastic so glad i stopped by!

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