Carlos Domenech

Posted on Fri, 17 Oct 2008 by midcenturyjo

Checklist for a great photo. Beautiful light – check. Interesting composition, intriguing angles, inspired crop – check. Fab sense of colour – check. Ability to reach into a space and capture it’s meaning and soul – a definite must! Carlos Domenech ticks all the right boxes and then a whole lot more. The finest houses by the best designers have been shot by this Miami based photographer but I chose the church interior as the first image because it captures the essence, the truth of the building so well. Check out Carlos’ fine art photography here as well. Beautiful.

Tatiana says:

Photo with Church: Color and composition is really peaceful. Among this I like illumination of the centre part, light yellow. But half-round windows are funny, it’s not bad but funny, I think I like it too.

Walls with mirrors – I couldn’t understand what’s that. It’s interesting look on interior threw ten mirrors.

I love the first photo. So tranquil and harmonious.

qerat says:

Amazing how a good photographer can make or break an interior. they either get the essence of the space and convey it, or they can make it bland and flat.
These pictures defenitely add to these interiors

JHAYNE says:

the first image is actually the meeting hall at windsor in vero beach, florida, designed by leon krier. i’ve had the pleasure visiting it in person; it is an amazing space to be in and this image really captures that feeling.

Amy says:

That blue ceiling is amazing!

impeccable photos. I’m off to his site to see if I can also learn more about the interior designers… those settings are divine.

Thanks for the reliable dose of eye candy, jo! hope you’re doing well!

Mariafer says:

He is a great artist and a wonderful person. I had the pleasure to meet him when he shoot my house for the cover of Home Magazine. I posted about him and his wife Celia Domenech,a while ago she’s a great interior designer you should check her website, you’ll like it.
Love your blog,

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