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Posted on Mon, 10 Nov 2008 by KiM

Robin emailed the other day looking for some colour inspiration: “I was wondering if you could dig up some photos of orange rooms. I painted my living room a clay orange to match a fabric I love and now I’ve lost the orange inspiration! Help!” I dug up some photos of spaces with orangey walls to hopefully help Robin finish her living room. Note: grey, white, taupe and chartreuse seems to be popular choices to use with orange.

Apartment Therapy Steve Learner
Bo Bedre Apartment Therapy
White Webb Tocar Interior Design
30E design Apartment Therapy
Bo Bedre kontakt magazine
Côté Maison Delson or Sherman Architects
Image Locations Maison Jardin
Michael Robinson Mark Lund
Michael Wells Michael Robinson
New York Spaces II BY IV

Orange on the ceiling!! Strong rooms with a strong colour.

I’m not usually a big fan of orange rooms but that Michael Robinson one is just gorgeous! This has given me an idea for my own sitting room that requires a unique color. Thanks!

I too am not usually a fan of orange for interiors, but these work very well.

cheryl says:

wah wah!! You did not show my orange remodeled bathroom!! These are all great!

pinkorangred says:

lots of orange w/out some white or nuetrals really is heard to bear.

hello, from “orangered”:
i’m going back to the name “pinkorangred”
(in celebration of not the cocteau twins song of the same name, but of
the US getting it right this time,
electing Obama…a huge ball of stress has lifted, we’ve come out of a cave…w/ fingers crossed of course…).
THANK YOU, your blog has never felt more beautiful !

Jess says:

Awesome! Thanks! Blogging this.

WOW i never thought Orange could look so good, thanks for sharing makes me want to experiment!

your collection looks stunning…i love orange

Anonymous says:

i love this collection, ive always loved orange. ive actually painted my room 1 wall burnt orange and the other 3 blue. makes a bold impact, and makes you feel as though you've gone to the medditranian or something.

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