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Posted on Wed, 12 Nov 2008 by midcenturyjo

Love it when you recheck a website that gave you such pleasure the first time round only to find even more fabulousness. Kim spotlighted the stunning portfolio of Trine Thorsen at the beginning of the year. Gorgeous work! But wait there’s more. Yes this über talented Norwegian photographer has updated her site and her shots take my breath away. You know the mantra – lighting, composition, crop – but it’s true these photos are beautiful. Go check the website again and reintroduce yourself to Trine’s work.

hey! I’ve become a regular reader of your blog… never commented before though!

I noticed the white hardwood in some of these pics…Just wondering if you, or anyone out there, knows where to get true white hardwood floors…. I’m building a new house, so I don’t really want to just paint some expensive stuff, but maybe that’s my only option…

Thanks in advance!!!!

Robert C. says:

Careful of copyright infringement laws ladies.
Get consent before posting. Just a heads up.

Thank you for your comment Robert C. We are more than happy to remove a post if the photographer, stylist, architect or designer asks us to for copyright reasons. We have done so in the past. We also have a bursting file of thank you emails from photographers, stylists, architects and designers for featuring their work on our site.

As far as I’m aware Dallas, Lisa, Zane, and Ayana there is no white timber that will give you this opaque effect as shown in these photos. So if it is paint then it is better that it is done to existing floors in bad condition, to cheaper timbers in new builds or by people who don’t mind covering expensive planks with white paint. Anyone else out there know if there are other ways?

brightidea says:

Oh ladies these photos make me weak at the knees. Certainly one amazing photographer. Thanks for the introduction.

Lynne says:

I love that shelf thing which her books are on. I need to find a cute storage solution for my books – currently taking up valuable workspace.

kim. says:

*SWOON* These photos are to die for. White floors galore!

For an inexpensive version of the flooring, Ikea sells a white laminate.

Luphia says:


thanks for the tips… 🙂

Oh I was just about to do a post on this photographer. Her photos are so gorgeous but it looks like you beat me to the punch. Oh well! Better luck nect time. Daisy~

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