What’s cooking in the 70s?

Posted on Mon, 17 Nov 2008 by midcenturyjo

Perfect timing for a retro kitchen post. Kim has reached the stage with her kitchen renovation where she loves her new kitchen more than she hates her contractor. Today’s retro inspirations are from The Australian Kitchen, by Babette Hayes, Cassell Australia, 1979. I used to feel that kitchens like these dated a modern home but look closely and there are great ideas and a look that is perfect for those who choose not to have the cherrywood and granite dream.

Anonymous says:

Timeless taste! Some things never change…

Tina says:

i love that stripe of words on the wall!

Brandy says:

Yea! I’ve been scouring used bookstores looking for quirky retro kitchen inspiration. Sweet roundup, thanks Jo!

kim. says:

Great retro kitchens….but mine’s nicer!! LOL

Mari Anne says:

Thank you so much for posting all these lovely pics!! I am so tired of walking into homes with the “cherrywood/granite” look as you so aptly put it. I have chosen to keep my terrazzo-look linoleum floors, off-white formica counters(so much easier on the eye than all that busy granite veining) and backsplash and original wood cabinets. The main thing I updated from my 1968 kitchen is the paint color (mandarin red above the cabinets) and the lighting which is now recessed. I have friends who have spent 50-60 K on kitchen re-dos, and they still comment on how lovely mine is! (MY 60K is in my kids’ college fund!)

Jacob says:

nice post

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