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Posted on Thu, 4 Dec 2008 by KiM

Aris emailed us and I had to share. “My name is Aris and I come from Greece. Decorating interiors is one of my favourite hobbies. I bought an apartment last year, in the center of Athens city (Greece), very close to Acropolis, and I started decorating it on my own. My budget is very low, so I use a lot of paint! The concept behind this decoration is to create a holiday style apartment right in the city center.” The colours chosen work so well together and bring the apartment to life. Just goes to show how much of an effect paint can have. See the full apartment set on Flickr here. Well done Aris!

I love seeing real homes and i really love seeing homes from other countries. Aris you home is lovely. Great kitchen!

Anonymous says:

Aris is a man’s name, FYI.

kim. says:

Point taken anon. I should have realized as Aristarchos doesn’t sound very feminine.

Anonymous says:

Oh, how charming! I especially love the kitchen.

aris says:

thank you very much for your comments.

Linda says:

Ari, to eida!!!! Vevaia den antapokrinetai 100% stin pragmatikotita… einai poly pio omorfo stis 3 tou diastaseis… alla kai oi foto einai para poly kales!!!! me kaneis perifani!!! ante, k eis anotera!!!!

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