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Posted on Fri, 12 Dec 2008 by KiM

I LOVE this Swedish flat up for sale. The white glossy floors, the all white walls, the floating stairs, the glass railings, the modern sleek kitchen, the bursts of colour…..

Photos from Lagerlings

Tina says:

this is so cool, totally agree about the white walls & floors combined with colour, almost dreamy, this house would def sell quick!

Wonderful set! I love clean clear decor.
My only worry (for the owner) is keeping it clean without a daily maid service! White gets dirty so quickly, and everything shows on it!

Once again, a lovely clean interior that shows up the great architectural elements.

And the purples and pinks! Yum!

peasandcarrots says:

Lovely in photos, scary in real life IMO. I could never handle that much white in my own living spaces, however I do appreciate its undeniably clean and crisp aesthetic. Love that kitchen backsplash. Those stairs are… incredible… but I’d be slightly afraid to actually tread on them, and I’m pretty sure my cats would find a way to fall off them. 😉 Love the pendants in the kitchen and the tulle(?) chandelier above the dining table. And I’m enjoying the random ladders.

This post is so colorful! I really like that ladder in teh kitchen…how cool is that?? plenty of storage space above ….BEAUTIFUL! You women always find the coolest INTERIORS…! HANDS DOWN. I referred an advertiser to you by the way…I see they bought, very cool! 🙂

Thanks Jen 😉

E says:

Amazing – I want it!

JHAYNE says:

i love the idea of a “blank white canvas” and adding pops of color with the furnishings.

dee says:

this is amazing! i’d buy it in a heartbeat. lol.

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