Narrow homes

Posted on Sun, 14 Dec 2008 by KiM

First I would like to say a quick congratulations to my lil’ sis Jen who got engaged last week. Her fiance Dave occasionally sends me links to photos and stories he thinks I may want to post on the blog. This one I HAD to post. I have mentionned that I have a very narrow house, being about 12′ 2″ wide, but the structures below are ridiculously narrow. I may never complain again about how annoying it is to decorate my narrow house. The first is in Paris, and the rest are in Japan where space is CLEARLY at a premium. (Thanks Dave, soon to be bro-in-law!)

Jessica says:

I love these…I wish we could see inside.


I can’t imagine living in those houses. I need equal space around me – they are cool looking homes, but I think I would feel a bit claustrophobic living in such narrow spaces.

Cool entry!

L'designs says:

Your blogs are sooo beautiful & inspiring! This one is unbelievable! Wow…

Congrats to your sis!!!!

Wow, these houses amaze me. What’s even more amazing are the creative minds behind them. I definitely couldn’t live in a home this narrow, I will never complain about my small starter home again:)

eeek! one of them looks like it could tip over, it’s so skinny!

i’d love to see the insides of more of them. the bottom photo is amazing!

I must find some photos of Brisbane’s narrowest house. Not quite this tiny but almost.

plch says:

great collection! you could also add this one:
>>it's in Turin and the narrow side measures something like 2 feet!

plch says:

ops, I don’t know if you can read it… anyway the end of the link it’s : tabid/70/EntryID/101/Default.aspx
I hope it will work

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