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Posted on Mon, 15 Dec 2008 by midcenturyjo

I’m so lucky here in Australia. We have some of the best house magazines in the world. Lots of great homes featured, loads of big fat juicy pictures, resources, trends and the magazines aren’t three quarters full of ads. My favourites include Vogue Living Australia, belle (it’s about time they got a website) and Home Beautiful (this is improving leaps and bounds) but I guess if I had to name my all time favourite it would be a tie between Real Living and the magazine I’m featuring today – Inside Out. These are from their digital sampler. Just enough eye candy to get you hooked into a subscription and there’s nothing better than flipping through the pages of an Australian magazine.

Katie says:

Love this magazine. I have a subscription.

The celadon green colored wall is green done right. It is so soothing.

James says:

Anyone know the source of these chairs please?

kim. says:

James, it’s the Eames molded plywood LCM chair.

kim. says:

oh….these photos ROCK!!! LOOOVE the kitchen in #7.

James says:

Thank you Kim, now I will weep uncontrollably for days about not being able to afford these… I guess I will have to settle for Ikea, gah. Anyone know of similar product without the super scary price tag? I am open to suggestions… Thank you all!

kim. says:

Those chairs are on sale at But perhaps still a bit pricey. Why not go for Ikea’s Gilbert chair? It is such a popular chair with the same sort of style.

Anonymous says:

So, Dear Kim, what about that house in the woods??? Please share more info…

Patience dear anonymous. Kim didn’t do the post so doesn’t know more about the house but seeing that I put this up I do and have a feature on it and the architect scheduled for Friday. One more day 🙂 It is the coolest house though isn’t it!

Thank you so much for these gorgeous images–and also the great links–you are inspirational as always!

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