My favourite living rooms of ’08 – part 1

Posted on Mon, 29 Dec 2008 by KiM

I will be posting over the next few days my favourite photos of the year, by room type. The living rooms from this year (and by this year I mean that I’ve saved on Flickr since Jan 1 ’08) that have inspired me are below – half of them anyway, as I found too many for just one post.

I was going to say which one of the bunch really turns my crank but there’s something in each one that I adore, like grey paint, photography as art, patchwork sofas, glossy sky blue floors, mid-century/hollywood regency vibes, bare light bulbs, coffee tables made of thick pieces of timber…

Bolig Magasinet Design*Sponge
Pieter Estersohn Hans Zeegers
Oberto Gili Janne Peters


Calirel says:

I looove the last one in Marie Claire Maison, but I would add some colors here and there…

Tina says:

so many gorgeous rooms, many are my top favorites too!

Chrisy says:

so much inspiration here…would take a bit from this one and bit from that one…

AMR says:

Ooh la la! All of them!
I’m guessing maybe*possibly*perhaps the 7th (Light Locations) and 15th (House To Home) are your VERY favourite Kim. 🙂 I like it with the round pond of blue rug in the House To Home shot.

Personal favourite: Wowsa! To dive into that glossy blue floor/B Five Studio. Love it!

floor to ceiling bookshelves are one of my favorite elements in a space! love the photos.

thanks for sharing.

Abigail Ahern’s house on design*sponge hands down. Not just the living room, the whole house!

kim. says:

You may be right AMR – I hadn’t noticed I grabbed 2 photos of the same space until I had completed the post and then figured it was worth the 2 photos.

Love love love your picks. Great taste. Thanks for some of the chicest inspiration I’ve ever seen.

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