Bathing Beauties

Posted on Wed, 4 Feb 2009 by midcenturyjo

Nothing dates a house more than an outmoded bathroom (that and an aging kitchen). I couldn’t resist posting these 80s bathing beauties. Come on! What’s not to love? In 25 words or less “Why I hate these rooms”. Your time starts now. Making the most of Bedrooms & Bathrooms, by Mary Gilliatt, Orbis Publishing, London, 1983 is the source.

WOW!!! Lovely. I love the steps to the tub with the lovely plants around it!! Great! Thanks

Michelle says:

I have always wanted a black bathroom….a modern black one…sigh.

kim. says:

I actually like all of these (well, at least parts of each) except for the all-white one with the plants. EEKK.

I’m a silent, yet religious reader of this blog, but this time I had to speak up. I looove these 80’s bathrooms. And not just to look at, but to have in my apt. My favorites are the first one (love the yellow and black), the second one (love the sink and toilet), the one with the red and white striped curtain and plastic door handles (obsessed), the black and red one that actually looks like it’s from the 20’s, and the one with the awesome brown-dot-school-floor crawling up the wall. I need to get that book!

A. says:

Quite fond of the first room! Except for that neon hoop light thing- that can definitely go….and the toilet. The rest I can live with.

lisa says:

I love the way that #7 steps your naked body right up to window so that only your ankles have modesty. I bet the neighbors looooved that. Especially imagining the contortions you would have to perform to get into the sunken tub.

If each picture was restyled with some modern accessories – my bet is we all swoon over them!
Oh & I would take bathroom #1 as is!

I think that last bathroom with the green and white walls is just adorable – would lose the floral curtains though! Tracey xx

Anonymous says:

My Barbie had a bathroom that looked just like the last pic, only it was primarily in blues.


1. ok, different light
2. toss the plants
3. toss the plants, get a different mirror, paint the vanity gray
4. paint the horizontal boards gray, make everything red white
5.Toss every plant except the ivy, get a different shower curtain.
6 get rid of those black gloss walls. Maybe do a stripe or white
7. toss all the plants. Get a cute modern print roman shade for the window
8Like these bathroom walls. Dislike the vanity. Get a cool bamboo type cabinet painted for the vanity

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