Even the floor!

Posted on Mon, 23 Feb 2009 by midcenturyjo

Want to paper your space with all those posters you have hoarded over time? Don’t forget the floor! This amazing installation is by Alisa Grifo, a set and interior designer based in New York and Sweden.

Carrie says:

I’ve been posting about stylish ways to recycle your magazine but I didn’t think of something as simple as this 🙂

CJF says:

Wasn’t sure where to ask this but can I add your blog link to my blog? I have a list of sites that I find very interesting and fun and would also love to share with friends that visit my blog. I love design!

Mika Lins says:


kim. says:

A bit of sensory overload but such a fun idea.
CJF – sure, and thanks! (P.S. Our email addresses are in the sidebar)

k0zyavk0 says:

Looks great!

Bleki says:

HMM great but how to make such floor????????????

Pollock says:

I want to work in this office 😉
Great !

D. says:

I have my walls color coordinated poster-style, that way it doesn’t look all over the place..
One wall has vinyl records, one has newspaper adverts, another is black/grey/white/ indigo, and the other is red/black/orange/yellow/brown.

it’s a great way to display backstage passes, posters, etc..

Anonymous says:

i don't like it. looks messy and cluttered.

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