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Posted on Tue, 24 Feb 2009 by midcenturyjo

I found this idea in photographer Patric Johansson’s portfolio. Love the idea of pasting posters to the wall and tearing them back to achieve this look. The limited colour palette is striking too. Can’t wallpaper your walls with posters in your home? Think about doing this on a large piece of foam core board or similar and prop against the wall or behind a desk. (Removable adhesive strips would work with the lightweight board as well.)

Not on the walls but it would be great on a canvas or even on some plywood.

Ki says:

Love this website! Have been receiving lots of traffic on my site from yours…but can’t seem to find the link. Anyway, thanks for sending folks my way.

I am inspired after visiting your blogspot!

Gina says:

… you can wallpaper any wall!!!!!
First glue the wall. Let it dry so you have a solid coat. After 2 hrs. you can wallpaper by glue-ing the wallpaper on that special table and just stick it on.
When you want to remove it, soak the wallpaper with water and off it comes …. easy, very easy. Even a woman like me can do it and did it several times.

Gina from Germany

Gina great tip!
Ki here's the link to our reading guide last Saturday.

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