Old world loft

Posted on Thu, 26 Mar 2009 by KiM

I am in a rush to get a post done so I can crash on my sofa after a crazy week and a half. I zipped over to Inspace Locations and found this lofty home – it instantly made me relax. Such an old world feel with exposed brick walls, and rough and rustic hardwood floors (OMG I would give anything for floors like that). Every inch of this this loft I swear was plucked from my dreams.

There’s so much about this space that I love… I’m going to have to save a link to this post so I can come back again!!
Thanks for sharing!!
Victoria: EdinDesign Interiors @ DesignTies

Ivy Lane says:

awSOME! Love the wallpaper in the powder room!!! rest of the loft is fantastic! well.. don’t like that bed..would have chosen an low rustic head board or… hung a slammin piece of artwork/photograph above ..

I want to live there!

annie says:

Does anyone know the technique used to get such shiny ceilings – they almost looked waxed to me? I love them.

It seems not many people are keen on the bathroom but that’s my favourite bit. It’s amazing! Thanks for sharing.

The wallpaper in the last picture is so much fun! I love the juxtaposition with the art deco vanity/

Sam says:

What an amazing find. Just added this to my book of inspirations… And I don’t add to this often.

elle says:

What is it about lofts. They always seem cool and this one definitely is! I just love the exposed brick walls and the floors are amazing!

I’m digging the variety of creepy ceramic hands. Quick, someone stop me before it becomes my latest obsession.

Virginia says:

love that demi-lune dresser thing in the living room (with the glove molds on top.) I dream of running across one like that on Craigslist someday.

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