David Kaplan

Posted on Tue, 19 May 2009 by KiM

David Kaplan is an interior designer based in NYC whose designs strive to achieve balance, simplicity and visually tranquility. He appears to be a master at bathrooms (*swoon*) and I’ve never really liked purple…until now.

OMG… I’ve never seen purple.. in this perspective before. Its just so impressive!!

The bathroom… oooohhh.. I could live in there permanently!!! Love the buddha… and the tiling with the cabinets.. WOW!!

Anonymous says:

the purple tones are appealing when softly combined with grays blues & silver
nice post

Wow. This is purple that WORKS.
Saw your awesome interview at houzz, where I also write, and added you to my blogroll
Thanks for finding and sharing beauty.


Jen Singh says:

Double wow with crazy purple, go figure! just stunning

liza says:

Wow. Beautiful. Thank you.

phoenix says:

I LOVE purple and those first couple rooms are LOVELY!

I do like the colours, but I am not sure if I could handle them in my home.

I prefer whites, creams and greys.

Beautiful, but not my taste.

great blog though. 🙂

Nuit says:

I am crazy about these images. thanks for posting, I just got some much needed inspiration for the weekend 🙂 happy wednesday kim.

Great space. Really enjoy the use of purple throughout the home.

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