Prue Ruscoe

Posted on Fri, 5 Jun 2009 by midcenturyjo

Encore! Encore! I love photographer Prue Ruscoe’s work (blogged here). So many of her shots are stored away in my “all time fav” inspiration files. Now I find there are even more beautiful images on her rep’s site. I spy so many of my favourite images from Inside Out, Shannon Fricke’s house (and books) as well as Rachel Castle’s artwork. If a website could have dog eared pages and post-it-notes all over it this one would. Love!

Maarten says:

Nice photos! Anyone have an idea about the table in the fourth picture (15.png), I think I've fallen in love with that one…

Isn't she wonderful … the photos are so fresh and beautiful … I would so love the job as her assistant .. wonderful blog you have here … karen…

Very clean, love it.
Thanks Jo.

that's IT!!!! i am taking some photography lessons. those are amazing.

Sarthak says:

The white spaces are simply fabulous !! couldnt get more subtle than this.

how beautiful! the dark areas add so much depth!

Yolksy says:

I just posted last week about Matt Tuckey's home featured in Inside Out. I thank you for opening up my eyes to the photography world and Prue Ruscoe's work, it's absolutely gorgeous. I'm definitely going to have to go back and credit her.

mer says:


i can not handle this type of perfection. beyond gorgeous.

vitoria says:

less is more. it´s just perfect

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