Must be a chick’s pad

Posted on Tue, 16 Jun 2009 by KiM

Love this bright, spacious, eclectic, quirky and oh-so-pretty home. (I’m going to go out on a limb and say this had to have been decorated by a woman).

Photos via Light Locations


Spot on! Oh so scrumptious each & every photo. Thanks!

Amy says:

Love it!

I'm late to the party but it has to be Debi Treloar. That blue framed african print is a dead give away. Love it all.

Tara says:

Yes, it's girly and yes, I love it!

Everything fun and then some…
Adore the colors, the quirckyness, the mix and match and the imperfections, just lovely!
Victoria 🙂

Laura says:

Girly? Definitely…..but oh what a fun girl! Love it!

Love love love! Not only a woman's house, but without looking at the credits I'm guessing a British woman's house–it has that quirky, playful vintage sensibility that is so beautifully done by the English lately!

I'm in utter love with this entire house!

This home is my favourite over all I have ever seen!!

labeck says:

so very beautiful!!!!!

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