The most glorious pink

Posted on Wed, 8 Jul 2009 by KiM

I recently went hog wild in a bookstore and bought a ton of decor books and shelter mags, including House Beautiful. While flipping through it last night, I nearly passed out. In the issue was a home designed by Jonathan Berger, and the entryway was painted in the most GLORIOUS pink I’ve ever seen. It’s Benjamin Moore’s Razzle Dazzle (and it looks much better in print), and I’m smitten.

I got it in my head last weekend that I just cannot take the ugliness of my 2 bathrooms anymore. I have decided to redo them on the cheap, while I save up money to gut them and redo them properly. So I’ll be scouring my basement and the basements of loved ones looking for anything I can use to spruce them up. And I will DEFINITIVELY be painting the powder room in this pink (if it’s available in Canada that is). I cannot wait!!!

Anonymous says:

Ohh thanks for the tip, love labs! Yes I think the restraining order is enforced by the time you pick the 37th shade of cream for your living room.

kim. says:

LOL!!! You couldn't decide on a shade of CREAM??!! See, that's where you went wrong from the start. Cream is BOOOOOOORING. 🙂 (This coming from someone about to paint her bathroom fluorescent pink).

Anonymous says:

Guilty, I agree. However I had to live for two years with the home-mixed, soul crushing light maroon color we moved into, and am dying to get something light on those walls. It's an open split level too, which means living/dining/kitchen/foyer/hallway are open to each other, and I'd better LOVE that whole lotta color when it goes up the walls. Maybe I should send you pictures and make it a question for your readers!

kim. says:

If you're willing to change your mind for the 38th time, then by all means send photos and I'll post them!

Anonymous says:

Great!! I will.

Alison says:

it's going to look so good! i read somewhere that pink is the best color for a bathroom because it's warm and flatters just about anyone looking in the mirror.

Chez says:

I had a bright pink bathroom about this color for a while, and it always made me feel amazing! I loved putting on my makeup in that room – I'm super pale, but my skin always looked great in that bathroom mirror! I miss it!!

Kyl says:

I painted our downstairs bathroom almost that exact color of pink a few months ago and I LOVE it. My husband was very reluctant but eventually gave in, but now he is a major fan. We used Behr paint, (from the Disney line) called Invitation to a Princess. Kind of an embarrassing name, but awesome color!

Brandie says:

OMG – I went completely nuts when I saw this as well! Went to my neighborhood hardware store and picked up this exact razzle dazzle BM paint and redid my entryway. You can see the results on the link below! I know this was just what my space needed. I can't wait to see how your space turns out.

drey says:

i love love love it. how sexy!!!

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