Healing Barsanti

Posted on Mon, 13 Jul 2009 by KiM

Some time ago Jo blogged about the fresh and vibrant designs created by Patricia Healing and Dan Barsanti of Healing Barsanti. I love the vibe of their spaces and was delighted to find many more photos I could show off to you all. There’s something about a mostly white space with bold hits of colour in small doses that makes my heart skip a beat.

MissBliss says:

just gorgeous. I could live in any of these rooms quite happily!

Yansy says:

These spaces are fascinating. Thank you for sharing them with us. I love all the pics.

Peggy says:

omigosh – what gorgeous paintings! I'm having painting envy.

There are so many stunning spaces i can't choose my fav. I love them all.

I love these! Such a clever use of artwork! Thanks for sharing!

I love the dark blue sofa a lot, but they're all very beautiful. Using splashes of colour on a white backdrop is a great way of decorating. I think "painting envy" sums this post up quite nicely for me, too!

Shannon says:

The blue and white look so elegant. I also love the walls in the small bathroom. Thanks for sharing them!

Janine says:

Wonderful! I love these interiors, especially black, white and navy-blue one. Very expressive.

Anonymous says:

So many of these 'fabulous' set ups are defensible only as concept shots. A couch completely blocked by chairs, ottoman and side tables. A dressing room chair that begs to dump anyone foolish enough to sit on it. Wooden chairs inches from a fireplace — and a table so covered with bric-a-brac, it can serve no other purpose. And I have no idea what the mirrors leaning at each side are intended to offer.

Interior design is NOT about what you can squeeze into a space — or a photograph. It is about rendering a space *useful* and beautiful to the people who live in it. To offer such photos as anything other than object lessons in poor and unsustainable design begs the purpose of your blog… which is my first stop when I enter the world of design blogging.

Sometimes, you must identify a poor design as exactly that, no matter the name, reputation or wonderful lighting.

I'm anon. only because this site doesn't accept my name: oregonbird.

Anonymous says:

Oregonbird – FYI – many of these pictures are from a store…not a home. Anonymous: fan of HB.

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