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Posted on Wed, 15 Jul 2009 by KiM

Joel Robare of JR Studio wanted to share his latest project with us – an 870 sq ft Chicago condo remodel. The concept was “Luxe Living in Intimate Scale. This project maximizes living using detailing and furnishings that are both luxurious and functional – keeping an eclectic aesthetic that incorporates interior, skyline and color in sophisticated harmony. Low furniture was selected to emphasize the ceiling heights, reflective materials move the abundant natural light around the rooms, the dark wood floors run across the condo and up the back wall enlarging the sight lines. Playing on a modern interpretation of a traditional Chicago brownstone, vintage furnishings were recovered in restyled plaids, paisleys and otherwise rethought conservative patterns.” Fantastic project, and I am loving the vintage/mid-century vibe of the spaces. (Photos by Nathan Kirkham)

Since that was just a little taste of what this firm can do, here’s a bit more to really get you going.

kate says:

The last two photos — the bathrooms — are my favorites, particularly the one on the left. It's always been my dream to have a really formal bathroom…is that odd? I love the gold-frame chair and mirror. So chic.

Nat says:

it's very well done but living with that colour scheme on a daily basis would do my head in!

I love the drama of the rooms and the drama of the views in the first home.

deb says:


Vicky says:

Classy and classic all the way

that bathroom is amazing!

I find it tooooo much! If you have a gorgeous piece of furniture, let it stand out – not drown it in drapes and carpets and curtains and pillows and too toooo much furniture!

Allvira says:

I liked living room furniture as well as bathroom furniture lot from your blog. Where can I get it??

Tara says:

I love your blog! Its so beautiful, thanks for sharing and adding to my day.

Kate says:

The kitchens are beautiful! Love the backsplash!

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