The bold and the beautiful

Posted on Fri, 17 Jul 2009 by midcenturyjo

Hang on that should read bold, beautiful, colourful, livable, bursting with personality and downright fabulous. These are Digs by Katie, Katie Leede that is. I’ve chosen to highlight just one home by this über talented interior designer, a Venice Canals contemporary but promise me you won’t miss her diverse portfolio. You’re in for a treat.

meohmyoh says:

Is this my house? Because it feels like home. Every bit of it.


Anonymous says:

Does anyone know anything about the red and white paisley fabric that is used for window treatments in the bedroom? I LOVE it!

Mimi says:

I love the bedroom…the nightstands are fantastic! Have a wonderful weekend!

What an absolutely beautiful home! Love the living room — especially the wallpaper and sofa. Great patterns and colors!

Kiley says:

I don't think I could list the things I love. Her site is full of even MORE amazing stuff — wow!!!
Anonymous: maybe try for something similar to the paisley
Anyway, this lady clearly has some amazing textile sources.

…did I saw swoon?

Waxy says:

I love the room with the grass looking rug – the horses are a great touch – I had to do a double take to see if this was outdoors or in!

smsintl says:

OMG!!!! When can I move in? Does anyone know what that pink stuff is in the clear desk? I would want to play with it all the time. Seriously fabulous!

Elizabeth says:

Great designer with great taste!!

Great chill-out ideas!

Fred says:


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