Dog on a chair!

Posted on Tue, 21 Jul 2009 by midcenturyjo

Where oh where are the dogs on the chairs? Remember when Kim and I were obsessed with dogs (and cats) on chairs and sofas, beds and just about any type of furniture? Marissa in Chicago remembered and sent us this fab photo of Jack, the dog, on a yellow Knoll that neighbors were throwing away. Hello Jack you gorgeous thing and hellooooo yellow chair! Throwing away?!! Thanks Marissa these photos are so cute!

What a handsome dog! I hate a German Shepherd at "home" (my parent's house) and he's 11…he used to do this same thing before he started having hip problems. I always thought it was cute that such a huge dog would jump up onto a tiny space just to watch out the window. 🙂

bananas. says:

ah ha! i love it!

Jeannine says:

I have to share some pics to add to your collection.

These were taken at the Hotel Palomar, a Kimpton Hotel in Washington, DC. We stay at this place a lot because it's dog friendly and my dog, Baxter, used to like this purple lounger that's in most of the rooms:

Then he took to the leather bench at the bottom of the bed:

But, my very best dog-on-chair photos are from a little photo shoot I did for my work blog (he's a frequent part of that blog). Here he is checking the website from my desk:

Jesse Lu says:

how freakin' cute… this totally made my morning!

kim. says:

OMG Jack on that little chair is too cute! And Jeannine, Baxter is too cute too!


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