What a trip

Posted on Mon, 27 Jul 2009 by KiM

I really don’t quite know how to start off this post….except to say that this would make the cutest little summer hideout EVER and I bet this place would make you feel like a gypsy.

Images by Bernard Touillon for Côté Sud

kim. says:

Here's a link to the article: http://volpe.ebylis.net/content/view/143/41/lang,en/

Patrice says:

Very colorful rooms. I love the place.

I'm in love. You've got to show this to Jack. We were thinking of shopping for an old tent trailer that we could cute-ify with paint and curtains etc, but now I'm thinking gypsy caravan! Great find.

kim. says:

I have heard Jack talking about a trailer so I'll for sure show this to him when he gets in. 🙂 (You guys really should try and get your hands on a vintage Airstream. SO COOL)

Michelle says:

Love this…it brings out the gypsy in me!

Annette says:

That are just the most amazing colorsettings – love it!

This is absolutely amazing! The size makes you take on the whole "less is more" thing and yet it is still so comfortable and welcoming. I could definitely live there!

Jan says:

love love it !

boliyou says:

Love the idea of an adventurous night in this cute little wagon.

mika says:

Aw, how lovely.

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