Flickr finds – globes

Posted on Sun, 2 Aug 2009 by KiM

Love every single one of them!

Elyse says:

I've totally been considering getting a globe! I miss the one I had when I was a kid…=) There are some great vintage globes on Etsy. =)

Tasha says:

Mine's in my bathroom. =)

I love how they look all clustered together, though . . . I'll have to keep an eye out for more.

Those photos are great and I love the use of Globes in many of them. Thanks!

Magchunk says:

Oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with globes! This totally makes my morning! I collect them (though I've had to curb that impulse lately because I need more room to display!). I'll have to send pictures when I get a good one…

amy says:

So happy my globes get to be part of this globe trotting club! Love them all-it's always great to see that there's a bunch of us-I'm running out of space too, but the impulse to collect them is a powerful one. Thank you! (amyla174)

Lori says:

oh, i think you should put it back up — just credit it to sharilyn! she deserves it; her images are always getting stolen. :^)

Lori says:

sharilyn’s studio on apartment therapy (with globes!):

kim. says:

believe me i would have left her photo up and recredited it but her photos are not marked as bloggable. so i'd be stealing it too.

Lori says:

aw. :^) that’s good! my photos get blogged without permission and it’s always a mix of gratitude with a soupçon of pique that i wasn’t asked first. ;^)

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