Trevor Tondro

Posted on Tue, 25 Aug 2009 by midcenturyjo

What do you get when you cross a talented artist with an urban designer? What do you get when you mix an inquisitive mind with a camera? You get the portfolio of Brooklyn photographer Trevor Tondro. He describes his photos as quiet observations of how people inhabit space. I call them not only insightful but beautiful.

I adore his use of sticks — certainly one of my favorite natural elements one can bring into the home. The third example is particularly effective and creates such a cozy look…delightful talent and post!

Anonymous says:

There! Light and space and giant eyes (I've got something similar hanging on my bedroom wall) and actual, working design mixed in! Thank you very much! The mirrors are particularly effective, in every photo in which they appear.

I love that last photo so much I want to scream. Wow that is beautiful!

Anonymous says:

The trees, the platform bed, all the organic elements are heavenly!

Jaime says:

Just amazing..that dining room is STUNNING!

Mallory A says:

Im in LOVE with that platform bed. Wow.

Anne says:

I love the tree wallpaper, who makes it?

Amy says:

Beautiful pictures. I love the platform bead and the birch trees with roots.

kim. says:

These are stunning photos! I love the first one….probably because I have a thing for leather chesterfields.

I love that outdoor lounge – how comfy does that look!

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