Belinda George Architects

Posted on Wed, 9 Sep 2009 by KiM

New Zealand’s Belinda George Architects is a firm that “strives to achieve simple, functional, sustainable and, above all, beautiful solutions”. Simple, yes, which draws your attention to the details, like the views from the perfectly positioned windows. I LOVE huge sliding windows that blend the outdoors and indoors. Makes me hate (even more) that I live so far north where you would only be able to make use of such features for a few months out of the year.

Like this one…

KLEE says:

the pool is simply gorgeous!

RLG says:

Your pictures ROCK! I love spaces that are devoid of clutter. These are spaces I can walk into and really be able to breathe. The kitchens? Gorgeous simplicity. And the originality is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing. xoxo

Rebecca says:

Do you know where I can find an ottoman bench similar to the olive tufted one in today's post?

love the outdoor/indoor living space.

i753lf says:

i like some picture of a kitchen view very much. can I put this photo in my blog, with a link to this post?

ouch…ouch…ouch T_T

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