Basked in white

Posted on Thu, 17 Sep 2009 by KiM

Here’s another location property I came across, this time it’s all about white with a french feel. So pretty. But transport that house here to Canada and come winter, I’d be FREAKING OUT with white surrounding me on the inside AND the outside. I tend to crave warm colours in the winter to keep me warm I suppose. I do love the blue/green pieces in the kitchen.

This is such a pretty serene home. I love it.

That couch with the giant arms is insane! I love it…looks exactly like the kind of thing you just want to sink down into.

Polly R says:

I know what you mean about the cold thing, although it's beautiful it does look rather cold!

Robin says:

That's alot of white! Looks very feminine to me and I do like that.

I love this! Thanks for sharing, very inspiring!

love the all white, but I too would be driven crazy during snow (and trying to keep it white!)

I love the stained glass too, especially the front door.

Mmm.. just send me the address, I am packed and ready to move on in!!LOL
It's gorgeous

That slip covered sofa is so much fun!


andra says:

Very beautiful interior, I love the furniture look luxury and clean.
Very inspiring

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