Whitewashed beauty

Posted on Wed, 23 Sep 2009 by KiM

Everyone needs a special place to relax and unwind – be it a windowseat or a little reading corner somewhere… Well, the following home screams (in a very soft, peaceful voice LOL) serenity from every square inch. It’s a whitewashed Gustavian home that is devoid of almost all colour (might drive me mad after a bit of time tho’) and would be an incredible place to escape to.

KLEE says:

this is beautiful!

Anna says:

Such a serene spot. I simply love the interiors you find and display on this blog. Thank you!

White on white on white. Love it! Texture is so important in a space with a color (or absence of) pallet like this and I think it's done beautifully in this home. Loads of character. You're right though: it's nice place to visit but I wouldn't want to live there.

– JwB

so pretty and calmmmmm… and classic. great post!
x pam

Lindsay says:

very lovely! your blog is such a delight. thank you and keep up the great work!

Amy says:

Beautiful home! I like all the textures and the subtle colors.

Roberta says:

Very pretty post!

What a great look. A splash of colour here and there with the flowers and greenery

Can't do pure Gustavian but definitely loving the interpretation here. That tufted sofa is gorgeous.

Janine Marshall says:

Thanks for sharing, really enjoyed looking at the pictures….just beautiful – love all the textures.


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