Me, my home, my cats and a mag

Posted on Thu, 1 Oct 2009 by KiM

One day a couple of months ago I received an email via Flickr from a stylist (Mihaela Radu) who works for the Romanian version of House and Garden magazine called Casa si Gradina. She really liked the photos of my home on Flickr and wanted to use some in the magazine. I was given not much else in terms of details and I had no idea what photos she selected. WELL, turns out it was a whole bunch of photos…enough to fill TEN PAGES of the magazine! A reader of our blog and fellow blogger Annamaria Chitan graciously offered to send me a copy of the magazine and I received it this afternoon. There is an entire story about me living in my home with 6 cats and what I’ve done to fix up my home on a budget. Some of the photos chosen are not very recent (ie. kitchen without proper dining table) and OMG an entire page of a photo of me, but I ain’t complaining. It’s so cool to see many of my photos in print. 🙂 So here it is:

Anonymous says:

Individuality wins the day! And a peaceable kingdom of cats… Thanks for sharing 🙂 –Ruth

Oh wow, your place looks amazing…so does the article, congrats!!!

Well deserved! Here's to future magazine spreads, all over the world. 🙂

jawcey says:

Whoa – go Kim! That's AWESOME!

How funny to not know you had a 10 page spread! I can imagine your jaw hitting the floor as you found out! Congratulations, they did a great job. They did a great job!

Congrats Kim – your work is well worth the 10 page spread – and the 4 magazine mentions. Wish I spoke Romanian so I could read the article 🙂

congrats, it's amazing! your house looks great in the mag.

Karina says:

Lovely! I can translate it all for you if you'd like!

🙂 Congrats!

kim. says:

Thanks everyone! (And thanks for the offer Karina).

Kim, I am so behind with my blog comments. But how fun is this! Your lovely home has now been featured across the globe. And for a good reason! Now we just need to get you into the Swedish mags! Congratulations! OX, Mon.

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