Magnus Marding

Posted on Fri, 9 Oct 2009 by KiM

It’s been a bit of a rough week (more on that on Monday), but I’d like to end of the week on a good note. Some photos from the portfolio of one of Sweden’s most established international photographers will do quite nicely (and since we’re on such a Swedish kick). “Though Magnus Marding is an international photographer in every aspect, there is also a very distinct Nordic touch – a certain cleanness, intimacy, simplicity and timeless yet modern beauty“. Exactly.

Jenn says:

Where on earth did that Mick jagger poster come from.. rad!

Hi, Love the vacuum cleaner in the third pic, made me laugh. Seems my house permantly has a vacumn cleaner somewhere in a room. Now when my husband complains about it I can just say I am on the cutting edge of design chic, haha, cheers Katherine

Katherine I'm using that excuse with my husband too!

That is what my kitchen will look like when it grows up. Wow.

kim. says:

Thank you Gema! We don't mind you using some of the photos from our blog as long as you credit us.

Thanks Katherine @ UrbanFlea!

gia says:

I am dying to know where to get that tan leather and steel office chair! Beautiful! Any ideas?

Anonymous says:

Tracey Moffat gets around

LF says:

I love this type of design. The lines are clean and yet the rooms look homey.

gia: the office chair is by Hans Wegner, was designed in 1955, and is still in production under the name PP502 by PP Furniture in Denmark.
Really glad to get such nice feedback on the images of which I have styled the most. Magnus is a great photographer and a joy to work with!
Very nice blog, too.

David says:

Guys, I found the picture of this wonderful desk and chair and traced it back to your site which appears to be the origin. Do you have any idea if/where/how this desk can be bought? I absolutely fell in love with it…

Thanks & brgds from Berlin

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