Flickr finds – radios

Posted on Sun, 11 Oct 2009 by KiM

Such wonderful vintage radios!! Thanks for sharing them with us. 🙂
~ Wendy

What a great post! I grew up with a radio in the kitchen -and the lounge, and the studio, and the carport, and the shed…
basically my Dad had the whole house set up in a way that you would never be out of earshot of the 40s music station.

It doesn't seem right to have a kitchen without a radio.

i'm a big fan of the tivoli radio. reminds me of a braun that my mom had in the kitchen.

v.felix says:

love the blue one!!!

Dithyramb says:

Now I want to wallpaper a little breakfast book drop-leaf table!

Chen says:

They're gorgeous!!!

What a great round up! Radios are so wonderful, they give instant texture and such a pretty vintage vibe to an entire room.

love a good retro radio. Nice post

laila says:

nice post, great radios!

Tansu says:

hellooo great works!! 🙂 congratz!! 🙂 well, I’d like to use Lillian Day picture for an article if I can get ur permission of course. Your name will be mention in this case.. ?

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