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Posted on Tue, 20 Oct 2009 by KiM

Hi was just attempting to clear out my inbox (omg I am so bad at keeping up with them) when I found an email from Carmina:

Buenos dias, Mi nombre es Carmina y me he atrevido a enviarles fotos de mi casa, por si las quieren colgar en su blog. Saludos“.

Since I think she wants me to post photos of her home on the blog, here you go! (I SOOO love the orange walls and the mosaic tile in the bathroom.) Thank you Carmina!

elena says:

Kim, where in the world is this house?

Gorgeous! I'm not usually a fan of orange walls, but she totally rocked them in this space!

Polly R says:

Gorgeous! I love the kitchen and living space xx

Carmina said she was 'daring' to send you her photos, and that looks like Ibiza to me, or somewhere else in the Balearic islands, or possibly the Mediterranean coast of Spain. Ibiza's traditional houses tend to be small white cubes, and this is like a modern variation on the style.

Ditto on the orange wall and tiles. And the setting looks pretty fabulous, too!

This just gave me the permission I needed to orange it up. (Not that I needed much.)

Love it.

That bathroom is so cheerful! I would feel so happy walking in there every morning.


Orange is my new colour crush. Great home Carmina!

carmina says:

Thank you very much by your commentary! It cheers much to me that you like. The house this in Catalonia (Spain).To see but photos, to write Excuse by my English. Thanks


I love this house, so beautiful, and the orange.. just lovely!

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