Flickr finds – patchwork

Posted on Sun, 8 Nov 2009 by KiM

I lover the drawer and the suitcase.
Patchwork is a very good idea to put color in a neutral room, we think use it for our guest room.

Georgia says:

Loving the new layout-pages loading so quickly- although it took me a while to work out where the comments were. Been sick all this week and hadn’t managed to get to the computer much- and look at all that you’ve done!!!

LOVE your new blog! 🙂

This new layout is annoying! Loading is super slow!

KiM says:

Loads perfectly fine for everyone else HelloSunshine.

Gorgeous house! Everything is so perfect & unique looking! Love, love, love EVERYTHING about it! WOW! Thanks for sharing. Great blog face-lift, by the way – congrats! Super clean looking now 🙂

JG says:

Sorry, but this patchwork is pretty tacky and country. Unlike normal Desire to Inspire stuff.

I’ve always been a fan of patchwork so this post of yours was right up my alley. But even more exciting was seeing one of my pictures up there! Thanks bunches 🙂 This is still one of my two favorite decor blogs, excellent work 🙂

Kayla says:

I’ve found a new love…… PATCHWORK!!

Carla Vallverde says:

Thanks for bloguing me! Nice blog you have here! I follow it for some mounths now! Regards.

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