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Posted on Mon, 16 Nov 2009 by midcenturyjo

She’s a collector of objects, a bower bird. She’s an interior stylist, a shop owner (The Society Inc), designer and taste maker. She’s Sibella Court. I was originally going to feature her latest book Etcetera (got a copy on the weekend and I haven’t put it down) but when I visited her much awaited but still under construction site I found to my surprise and delight that it had gone live. Enough talking by me. Go there now. It’s earthy and magical, eclectic and quirky and generous. It’s totally inspirational.







Bo says:

Hi! Those pictures are indeed very inspirational! I didn’t know her,
I’m glad that you shared it 🙂 I’m definitely gonna buy that book.
Have a good day!

I’m an old reader, but it’s the first time i comment because i just had to say:
Congratulations on the blog re-design, it´s much better!
Keep inspiring!*

CSD says:

Beautiful aesthetic, but all the wires for the lighting are distracting. Hire an electrician!

silvina says:

the third pic appears two times, repeated, please notice.
nice post.

KiM says:

I am so in love with these spaces. I need that book too.

silvina – I noticed and emailed Jo but it’s the middle of the night in Australia so she won’t be able to fix for several hours.

Romi says:

The two last pictures are great!

The use of color is absolutely inspired and I love the grounded sense of whimsy that infuses all of the styling. I cannot wait to pick up the book.

Maaret says:

This is so beautiful! I like the lanps on the walls and all the collections and colors. Thank you for sharing. Will check out her site right now.
I love the new design of your site, btw.

Fran August says:

Sibella is one of those people who is only successful as she is in australia…so bland; so unoriginal and boring. I used her once, just awful.

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