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Posted on Thu, 17 Dec 2009 by KiM

You may call it it laziness, but I call it smitten-ness. More Eric Roth photos to appease your design cravings. And in case you missed it yesterday there’s more here and here. Oh – I’m curious to know what you all think of the kitchen in the last photo. Now that’s Bold, with a capital B.


Denise says:

Yellow kitchen – looked like 70’s/80’s Home Beautiful country style kitchen. Horrible.

Rachel says:

These are gorgeous shots. I really love the kitchen with the blackboard and noticeboard – such a great idea! Plus all the draws under the kitchen bench look fab. Also love the all-white living room, with the ‘unfinished look’ for the fireplace.

Desire to Inspire says:

My eyes are bleeding … it’s all that yellow! 🙂

jen ramos says:

Wow, i love yellow, but I don't know about that YELLOW kitchen…

Jen Ramos
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Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Hmm. That yellow is very bright – a bit too much for me. I would, however, be afraid to show that picture to my husband and kids – only because I think they would run to the paint store! You see, in our previous house we had a kitchen somewhat similar – but the yellow was more of a scrambled eggs than an egg yolk colour and we had painted the walls the same. We had all open shelving with black and white dishes on display. It was a wonderful room to live in – high energy – we felt like cooking and drinking wine all the time. If it works with their life then more power to them!

Ottawa alternagrrrl says:

Oh yes – one more thing – I love the vintage trolley! My weakness…..

Love these photos. Definitely inspiration, not laziness 🙂

LOVE Eric Roth!

kbd says:

I’m lame… I love overly sea-themed stuff like the frame. LOVE IT.

JHG says:

I really like the style, very interesting, it’s quite complex but gives a nice feeling. Particularly the modern black and white living room.

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