Some favourite vignettes of 2009

Posted on Sat, 2 Jan 2010 by KiM

Every single vignette you posted is PER.FECT. I love each ambiance, each color mood, each object and every single image. Bravo!

Greet says:

Wonderful! My favorite is the image of Robert Gervais!


lojo says:

I love the Gervais pic too- and I don’t even really care for grey all that much.

After seeing that pic of the giant antlers I realize I still like them in certain rooms- I might not get rid of mine now.

Kristen says:

Wow! The photo of Stephen Falcke’s chair with the baskets ont he wall is incredible! I can’t even imagine the time it would take to create that space! Very cool!

Even antlers can add elegance to a space! You do not have to live in a cabin to make antlers fun. Thanks for sharing your best of 2009!

Kristin says:

Love the photo by Stephen Falke.

Brandie says:

The second image by Melanie Acevedo is definitely a favorite of mine and totally sums up how I’d love my living room space to look and esp. feel like

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