Flickr finds – stripes

Posted on Sun, 24 Jan 2010 by KiM

KiM says:

Yes it is Jen. I did a couple of searches on Flickr for these pics and that one of mine kept popping up.
I miss having a decent looking bathroom. I am hoping to get started on a quick redo of my main bathroom next weekend. (I’ve said that for a month now tho’).

Alex says:

I really like the ones from Kate Shepard. What do you think about "my" stripes?

Elizabeth says:

I’m in love with what your blog does to my imagination. There are about five things I want to pull from these and put in my house right now!

Hey girls! Thanks for adding my photo to your lovely site!

maliburachel/Rachel Shingleton

and now i'm officially obsessed with stripes… love love love!

xo katherine aka. urban flea 🙂

Shawna says:

I also like the chalky one minus the deer head. I generally don’t like stripes but lose the deer head and I have found my first stripe love.

Suzanne says:

wow..those pictures are amazing! I would love to add stripes to my walls in my house…but is it hard to paint????

LeAnn says:

Thanks so much for including my stripes in your collection. Great post!

Chrince says:

Wow! My red striped kitchen/hallway was included above. I thought about doing vertical black and white stripes in my living room but wasn’t sold on it until seeing that awesome dining room above! I love it!!!

Love that kids room with the value gradient stripes! Such a fun idea!

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