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Posted on Wed, 3 Feb 2010 by KiM

Stacy emailed us recently asking for some inspiration for her sis: “We live in a very expensive “city” in the US, full of retirees, so the only affordable houses are either falling apart or brand new cookie cutter subdivision types. My sister and her husband are in the process of buying a new house and have chosen the new option. The kitchen, of course, consists of an L shape…counters, cooktop, fridge, sink, dishwasher etc with no island or even room for one. I was wondering if you have a collection of rooms where the eating table is inside the kitchen? I would like to show her how she can make it look less boring in there.” Hopefully the following photos of small-ish kitchens with mini dining areas will help Stacy’s sister spice up her blah kitchen.

Svenska Stylistgruppen John Loecke
A Beautiful Living Apartment Therapy
design*sponge Domino
Apartment Therapy Apartment Therapy
COMMA design*sponge
Domino New York Times
Sofie Lawett Zege

Apartment Therapy
Kate Hume
Elle Decor
Sköna hem
Marie Claire Maison
atelier zürich
Marie Claire Maison

Marija says:

This settles it. Can’t go wrong with a tulip table in the kitchen! For what it’s worth, we did a combo kitchen/dining area and I love it. Fun post! Marija

oregonbird says:

If there’s any kitchen trend I want to see much, much more of, it’s floating kitchen cabinets. Or at least raised up on legs! The horrors you find in the dark underbellies of cabinets cannot be described. Should not be described.

I adore the copper paper around the window in the 6th picture, and the large picnic-style seats. The various dark floors make the white rooms work. Hmm. If at any point in life I liked the color mint… I’m going to pretend it never happened. But the acid green (someone else thought it was lime green) can be the next color I adore now and will someday deny. I can see getting tired of that color very quickly.

OMG, but that tiled turquoise room! That is spectacular, exotic and very easy to clean, too. So simple, so complete. At least once the picture gets hung! People, please… hang your pictures.

Definitely a case of last but not least… the kitchen with the yellow wall is sheer perfection.

msd says:

Speaking for myself, I’m really digging the recent emphasis on design ideas for smaller spaces. I love the fantasy aspect of some of the houses posted here but like many people I live in a small flat so I really appreciate ideas that can be easily transferred into my own living space.

susan says:

I love these! Eat-in kitchens are so cosy, I like them better than dining rooms most times. I especially like the 2nd one down on the right, from Apartment Therapy. I love the little wall heater; I grew up with these, and still love the way they can warm up a room, and offer the ambiance of a "real fire."


Some great ideas here! I actually dream of having a kitchen large enough to dine in, so I get the table out of the living room to clear some space. It’s more sociable dining in the kitchen as you can chat to people while you cook, rather than feel shut away in the kitchen all by yourself.

boliyou says:

I love the idea of using plates as decorations! It’s given me some ideas for my own kitchen.

StacyShine says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH DTI!!! I cant wait to show her as she was a bit depressed at her blah kitchen. These were great!!!- Stacy

Joey says:

The kitchen is such an important room. Every time I entertain guests we always end up congregating there.

david says:


so inspiring… Thank You…


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