Camilla Julner

Posted on Fri, 5 Feb 2010 by midcenturyjo


It’s not about the words on Desire to Inspire. It’s all about the eye candy. I could go on about the keen design eye and on the trend styling of Camilla Julner but her work tells the story. And inspiration doesn’t always have to come from a complete room. Camilla’s vignettes are overflowing for great ideas on colour, juxtaposition, texture. Hey too many words! Enjoy!





Marija says:

I gotta tell you – I like the words, too! Terrific colors…

jamie says:


I really enjoy your blog for it’s unique creativity and interesting posts. I also wanted to suggest that you possibly consider separating the images a little wider on your posts because, for me, they become a little bit of visual clutter with so many images placed so close together on the page. It can become difficult to appreciate each unique photo for it’s own. Thank you!

KiM says:

I love that yellow sofa too. How fun!

Thanks Jamie for your input. The only problem with separating the photos is that would mean making the photos smaller. And I think most people (including myself) would rather see larger photos than larger spaces between them. We do make sure that when we post photos side by side that we stick a couple spaces in between. The ones Jo included in this post that don’t have spaces must have been grabbed off the website like that.

Mitsy says:

These photos are absolutely beautiful. You’ve really managed to capture the colors of the fabrics in the room.

Janis says:

I am with ya sista……hating the Ottawa deep freeze!!! Hope these beautiful pics work some magic and bring on the sunshine!!
Have a lovely trip.

Camilla Julner says:

Hi! I am really excited about the positive comments on my styling work. Theres are of course teamwork behind the pictures. Photographers are Joakim Bergström, Jonas Ingerstedt och Thérèse B, most of them are for the magazine Vårt Nya Hem. The sofa is absolutely loveley in a lemonish color from the swedish funiture company Ire möbler. I am a member of the swedish group of stlylists, check out my site or Love your site!

KiM says:

Thank you Camilla and it’s a pleasure to have you stop by and provide more info on your photos. Welcome to DTI!

Charissa says:

what to sat but charming perfection?

jörgen ekström says:

Urläckra bilder som smeker det estiska sinnet.



Monica Ekström says:

Helt underbart, det är så det skall se ut!



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