Helen Green

Posted on Thu, 25 Feb 2010 by midcenturyjo

Reserved, stiff upper lip, conservative, carry on. Everything British. No try instead refined, elegant, modern with traditional references. London interior designer Helen Green creates spaces with a subtle luxury, establishment with a contemporary take. Careful though. She won’t be boxed in by tradition.

Linsi says:

I want that office! (The last image).

laurence says:

I enjoy spending time on your blog. There are so many ideas ti pick up. This is a real space of inspiration.
I do love your blog.
Lau from France

Raru says:

So cute. I love that office too. Wow.
Thank you!!!


sarah says:

this is by far my favorite blog post that you have done. this is everything i want my house to be. love it! thanks so much for the inspirations!

mary-ellen says:

do people really live like this?

Michelle says:

Love this post!!!! So many ideas to grab from this.

I enjoy your posts and this is totally my favorite!!!!

Leanne says:

I love the lighting in the office it is warm and inviting. Your blog has inspired me to print some of my many photos and actually put them on the wall. I love the photo frame montage thing. (is that the word?)
thanks for doing all the hard work for us.

Sarthak says:

J’dore !! The kind of home i’d like to own one day ! She’s ceated such beautiful spaces in and around the house, subtle elegance.

amanda says:

hi! i just thought i would let you know that i included one of these photos on my post for today "dream house: bedrooms" i'm pretty sure i have a couple more of there but i couldn't seem to back track and find the right post! And by the way I LOVE your blog!! It's given me all sorts of ideas for my new house. thanks for all the wonderful posts!

becca says:

Can you tell me anything about the dining chairs in that gorgeous dining room on the "front" of your blog? I would love to know where I can find them!!

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