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(***Those wondering where Monday’s pet post is will have to wait until next week. My vacation sadly ends today and I’ll be spending the day on airplanes, but I had this ‘regular’ post ready in my absence.)

Design firm workshop/apd is based in New York City and Nantucket, Massachusetts specializing in high-end residential renovations, new home construction and commercial development with an emphasis on sustainability. “Our approach to design looks beyond the singularity found within current architectural trends and takes advantage of the multiple perspectives that make up our society. This allows for a more intriguing and less predictable relationship between design and its context. Conventional boundaries between adjacent spaces are often transgressed, allowing activities to transition naturally across fluid thresholds. This results in performative spaces that collapse the form of function into the function of form.” Their portfolio includes modern, contemporary and downright funky, ecelctic spaces. I had a hard time picking out my favourites, but this about sums it up:



MB says:

I love the blue dining room chairs featured in the first picture. I want to reach into the picture and steal them, their so lovely! Thanks for sharing and hope you had a flight home.

MB says:

Whoops! …hope you had a GOOD flight home… 🙂

Oooh I want that campaign-style buffet/sofa table in the first pic badly. Great post, super unique and inspiring set of images!

Chic Coles says:

My two favorite places…NYC and Nantucket. What could be better? These homes and the Wauwinet are stunning!

Such Stunning pics!

Tania Hoult says:

One perfect room after another, the top two photos I could move straight into. Gorgeous!!

Dee says:

Okay so that wooden chair in the 3rd picture. Where is that from?!!! That is gorgeous!

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