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Posted on Thu, 11 Mar 2010 by midcenturyjo

With a degree in fine arts it’s easy to see where the sculptural influences in interior designer Gary Hutton’s work come from. It’s about volume and form, about material and finish. It’s also about the art and the art of living. Clean lines with minimalism tempered by luxury. Think contemporary interiors complimented by contemporary art. It’s his trademark. Had to include the toilet roll wall. Clever but I’d be a little too obessive about keeping it full.







Kerry says:

I have mischievous friends who couldn’t help themselves from messing up that toilet roll wall! Who would have thought to do that though…very unusual!


Is it weird that I think the toilet paper wall is really cool?


OMG who needs that much toilet paper?! 😉 Overall, really cool interiors

This post got my heart throbbing! As I looked at the elements in the rooms, I recognized art work, the way the sun comes into the spaces (latitude) and the patio triggered all the senses of smell, sound as well as sight! The locations, as I learned from visiting the link you placed to his website are where I spent my young adult formative years. The Golden State—California—the artists I studied and met while attending art school and later working in the art world of the San Francisco Bay Area are there in these spaces. Gary Hutton’s work definitely speaks to me—his designs have somehow synthesized the elements that are this this place without being too branding, and I love it. This genius loci is engraved into my psyche—for sure! I moved from the Bay Area more than two decades ago so didn’t know about his work—thank you for posting this apetizer! ~Sparky

Meghan says:

As a writer and editor for shelter magazines I have had the pleasure of working with Gary. His interiors and furnishings speak to his character: inspiring, captivating and downright witty.

Max T. says:

Love this post so much, Jo! Consider the toilet roll idea stolen!!

Hahaha that toilet roll wall is cool, but I agree. I’d be obsessive!

missdzine says:

Love it – what an eclectic mix for a home! Just when you think you’ve got something bordering on Minimalist, in pops a grafitti-strewn bathroom.


I was gasping for air when i saw that TOILET PAPER shelving in the bathroom..WOW

Jen Ramos
‘Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’

Jewel says:

Holy synchronicity… I was JUST remembering this picture I once saw in a magazine of a beautiful room with a zebra wood desk and thought "there’s no way I’ll ever remember where I saw that"… not 15 minutes later did I find the picture on your site while not even looking for it. Really weird. But now I am sooo happy I found the source of it. Gary Hutton! What lovely stuff!

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