Flickr finds – ikat

Posted on Sun, 14 Mar 2010 by KiM

I love the coco+kelley image.. Stunning!

Priya says:

So lovely!!

The daybed by It’s Great to Be Home looks amazing!

Jesse Lu says:

Great collection of photos… but some of them don’t look at all like ikat. A couple just look like arabesque prints… I dunno. I’m a stickler right no cause I’m studying textiles and asian and Islamic art history. Ikat has been everywhere. Speaking of… a gorgeous online exhibit of ikat kimonos from the early 20th century is up on Marcuson and Hall’s website. I saw some in person several weeks ago and they were incredible.

rebecca says:

lovely post! your blog really does inspire 🙂

best flickr finds ever! one of them at least. 🙂

it took me a little while to get into ikat. i think it was the upward trend that turned me off…what the hell was i thinking?! it’s my favorite now.

Suzyn says:

Too funny. Just the other day I looked at this big heavy formal (inherited) chair in my living room and thought "A blue and white ikat would really spruce that up!" CCInteriors beat me to it!

aphrochic says:

I love ikat! That upholstered ikat settee is my fave!

Desperate says:

Hi – Does anyone know where to actually buy ikat upholstery fabric?? Esp in Sydney, Australia OR from an online shop?? It's sooo hard to find!

desperate says:

There are some good sources for ikat fabric and products from Central Asia mostly sourced via Uzbekistan. Not sure about upholstery but worth a shot. Try or chogjmoo.uuj at gmail

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