Stalking in my dreams

Posted on Wed, 17 Mar 2010 by midcenturyjo

Speechless! Want, need, want, can’t have. I love this Paddington terrace. LOVE. From the exterior colour to the quirky touches inside, the white and the colour, the artwork and those Achille Castiglioni Diablo Rise and Fall Lamps. Don’t get me started on the furniture! Love. Way out of my price range but this girl will be having pleasant dreams tonight of a make believe life in this beauty. Here while the link lasts.

San says:

Totally understand you. Gawd, the floor alone makes me drool and this space….. AAAAAAHHHHHHHH gotta. live. there. NOW!

But where to put my stuff?!

What an amazing space!

AGREED! I LOVE the outside color (I never in a thousand years would have picked this but it’s perfect!)

whyioughtta says:

Wow, that is one amazing art collection.

The house is gorgeous too.

Beautiful home! Great bones.

peggy says:

What an amazing art collection. Is that Aboriginal art?

lachie says:

How good is real estate stalking! you may enjoy this amazing apartment in Brisbane. few and far between in this part of the world.

Alanna says:

San – I agree with you, it took me awhile to stop drooling over the floors & look around at everything else! Wow, so many great details! Love it!!!

Natalie says:

it’s the Australian light streaming in through the windows that makes everything look even more beautiful and glowing!

Mandy says:

Love this so much too, I have walked past this house many times, and now I know what it looks like inside…. too good !!!thankyou

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