A little retro to go?

Posted on Mon, 29 Mar 2010 by midcenturyjo

A little retro to start your week. Once the height of housing chic these rooms either cause you to cringe or shake your head in disbelief. Everything old is new again. More magic from that fabulous decorating book Golden Homemakers 100 Ideas to Beautify Your Home, Gudenian Rockail & Mayer, Marshall Cavendish, London, 1972. Enjoy!



P.S. We are still experiencing problems with the blog and the weekend boffins are working hard to figure it out. Hopefully when the weekday boffins come in things will move a little faster. Thanks for your patience!

not as cringe-worthy as many of the other retro posts.
obvious items that make elicit a chuckle, rattan, bathroom wallpaper, and the ubiquitous fern.
oh, and the hot tub with ferns.

Carole says:

I still cringed. Is it because I lived through this era? Did you notice the design on the toilet seat. Urghh. Almost as bad as those tumbletwist covers.

Love the bathroom design and the children bedroom. Very retro and contemporary.

mariel says:

heehee!! all i can say is "whoa!" 🙂 thanks!

Ah the memories! In the 80s my parents were still living in the 70s….the bricked hot tub, the house plants, the tiling, THE PINE….it’s like my childhood just flashed before my eyes.

At the risk of being mocked and ridiculed….I have a soft spot for that tiled, brown bathroom. Except for those aggravating drawer knobs. It’s so my mum’s taste that I can’t not love it a little.

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