A glimpse of paradise

Posted on Tue, 11 May 2010 by KiM

We’ve had terribly cold weather here in Ottawa for the last few days so I think it’s time to take a little trip. I’m thinking about a riad in the Medina of Marrakech. Problem is if I ever visited this home I’d without a doubt NEVER leave. Every detail is simply stunning. This is what paradise looks like in my dreams.

(Photos by Paola Miozza via Marie Claire Italy)

Such a beautiful place. Please take me there.

Priscilla says:

Beautiful pictures! I’m surprised to see all black and white in Marrakech. It’s all about colors there and crazy tile combinations. It must have taken a very disciplined person to do only b/w.
I know I couldn’t do it!
Thanks for the always thought-provoking posts.

Andrea says:

Really beautiful!
I love the style.

This is so beautiful. I wish I had stayed in a riad when I visited Marrakech a couple years ago.

i love the idea of building a home around a central courtyard. bonus points for the pool!

Bella Lilith says:

This is too good. My dream, too.

Debrah says:

My husband and I went to Marrakech for our honeymoon in 2005. We stayed at Riad Tiwaline (since closed) in the medina. AMAZING! Great, quiet service, welcoming people, new exciting culture (for us anyway). No other trip since has compared. I love living in Brooklyn, but my dream is to live in a riad with the gorgeous courtyard, tadalakt walls, tiny door in the wall, breakfast on the roof every morning. Go! Go! Go!

Leigha says:

This is a classic example of why I really, really love Moroccan influence. Sigh. Must see more…

Rawaa says:

this is by far exactly how i want my house to be like. i am getting married in 2 months and we are building our house now , this is so inspiring
thank you

Anne Reger says:

Hello,good morning.Is there anyone who can tell me the name of the riad in Marakech?We intend to spend time in Marakech.
Thanks in advance.
My regards

KiM says:

Unfortunately I’m not sure what that place is called, but here’s one that I would LOVE to visit one day: El Fenn

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