du côté de chez vous

Posted on Fri, 14 May 2010 by KiM

TGIF folks!!! Hope you all have a much more interesting weekend planned than I do. Mine involves some drywall sanding, painting, selling some of my junk, and helping Jeff begin the move of his crap stuff into my house. (I have already threatened him that he had better take the time and go through all his stuff and GET RID of what is garbage and useless because there is NO ROOM in my house!) You know how guys move though, tip a drawer into a box and VOILA! Chicks love that. Anyhoo, I leave you with some more fantabulous photos from my new favourite site, du côté de chez vous.


Morella says:

.. woooooow !!!! super shabby chic !!! The bedroom of first picture and the bathrooms pictures are stunning !!!! 🙂

Such pretty photos…Happy working this weekend!

seth says:

Anyone know where the big black lamp comes from?

ana b says:

I had no idea mustard patterned linoleum(or is it carpet?) could look so good!

midcenturyjo says:

Some seriously sexy rooms here!

Spamber says:

Anyone know where I could find the couch in the 5th picture down, the olive/brown one with all the purple pillows? I absolutely love it and would like to get one like it, if not the same one.

Ele says:

The big black lamp is from Pols Potten.

If only more than 12 people would read this..

EmBeeGee says:

I am in love with the Moroccan-tiled house with the half-aqua, half-white walls. It’s everything I want my house to be!

lb says:

love the rustic wood dining table (photo #2)…….where does it come from?

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